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This is the worst mattress company to deal with. We sure wish that we would have done more extensive research of this mattress before spending our hard earned money with them.

If anyone knows how to beat them - good luck!

I feel like we are sleeping in the valley with a mountain in the middle.

We have only had the Englander Pillow top mattress for 11 months. Two months we were away and didn't even sleep on it. I has saged on both sides with one big lump in the middle. Really comfortable!!!! What they want us to do to uphold a worthless warranty is totally rediculous.

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We had the same problem, it only took 3 months for our mattress to be in this same condition, they finally sent an independent inspector out who even told us not to ever buy a spears mattress. Then the company sent a letter saying they found no warranty issues but wouldn't send us the report.

Great company. Never, ever buy a Spears mattress.


SAME thing has happened to me, and I lost the battle as well!

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