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I purchased a Grand Estates Dynasty Luxury EuroTop King mattress and foundation and frame from Mattress Express which was sold to Mattress Firm.

$1,585.94 and two years of one person sleeping in the bed the springs squeak, the mattress is already sagging an inch, the seams are coming apart, the stitching on the pillow top, mattress sides, and foundation is unraveling, (by the way, the inspector told me that the box springs is manufactured with cardboard!) and I'm horribly uncomfortable. There's a huge sleeping well (which they imply is a 'comfort well') within an hour of going to bed. Comfort Well? Seriously? The reason I threw out my old mattress set was because I was constantly rolling into a well and waking up hurting all over due to lack of proper support.

So after being aggravated for more than a year and getting more and more uncomfortable with each night of sleep - I finally decided to file a warranty claim (10 year warranty). An inspector came to my house, told me I was sold the wrong metal frame (the two foundation pieces don't both fit on the center rail) and noted the squeaking springs. There was a 1" depression in the mattress top. 1 1/2" is required to be a mfg. defect. Mind you, I weight 130 lbs. and am 5'7". The pictures clearly show the unraveling and mis-fitting foundations.

The company has advised me that there were no manufacturing defects found by the inspector or Quality Control...referring to "wear and tear" after two years, and oxidization of the springs. Although I would like to be able to report 'wear and tear', I'm the only person that uses the bed, which is in a bedroom inside an air conditioned home.

The company does not stand behind it's product(s) and I am disgusted that so much money was spent on this product. As an Interior Designer, I will NEVER recommend any brands manufactured by ASC to any of my clients or personal acquaintances and am strongly disappointed that as a professional I was taken to the cleaners on this item. Typically - you get what you pay for - this wasn't cheap. I trusted the American manufacturing representation and am sad that an American company will not stand behind it's products.

These brands include: 21st Century, Englander, Rest & Restore, Egel, Nature's Finest, Lifestyle, Vista, Tension Ease, Viscopedic, Synergy, American Spirit, Energy Health Solutions, Nature's Spirit and Southern Cross.

I want a new mattress set and the correct frame. But not a Spears...

Monetary Loss: $1586.

  • Spear Mattress
  • Advanced Sleep Concepts
  • Rest Restore
  • Egel
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